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To you only

We all have someone we love and to express your Love plz read my Poem and read to your lover it will perfectly workout. Hope you enjoy it.

I want to love you more
I want to enter the heavens door
To know the reason you are surviving for
No one can love you like I do and I am  
                        damn sure
Don't worry about problems as I m your

I want you to teach me what you are good at
I want to teach you in what I am good at
I will still be  loving you if you get pimples 
                              or fat
As I don't love for any pleasure, I love you
              from deep part of my heart
I want to be the one cleaning your all dirt
I want you to be the person to whom I can

Old memories of you makes me feel
                          your beauty
I want to be your bodyguard on all day
I want you to be the reserved passenger
                        of my scooty
I want you to be the one whom with I can
                        share my fruity
I want you to sit with me
Under the tree
And mesmerise songs of birds and bee
I want you to be always around me
As I want to love you more

Board exam

I am in a great fear
Because board exams are near
Pacing up my studies at infinity gear
Only 1 month left and nothing prepare,

There is no room for joy
If u want to know about ac, EMI, aur alloy,
Don't like the word or subject physics
As it's que are tough and need some
I understood a little and took many weeks,
I was able to gather courage and
While reading reasoning que and
Now let's move onto the next station
The quetions of chemistry for me is a
If I get a correct answer it's a magic,
I always get my mind choke
When I learn p, d, f block
The work of chemistry genius left our
          generation in shock,

Ever story has a villian and my villian is
My preboard marks have horrible stats,
I am a youth, must know how to build a
Without knowing integration
Doing every sum with 100% concentration
But didn't get any of there solution,
I feel sometimes, as I am reading for
When doing the formidable questions of
Even don't like reading, writing article or
Rather than writing I would agree to fall in
                             a big ditch
When reading a novel,
I experience pain and injuries in my head
                    and need some stitch
And everytime fall asleep when English
                 teacher is about to teach


Hello friends, a new poem for u. Everyone has friends and need to find a true friend so my poem can help u find one, hope u enjoy.

What is a friend?
Relation where there is no end
Relation where no one bend
Relation where no one gets offend,
Where you can share
Whom you can take care
Whom you don't fear
They are none other than our father,

Father is a friend,
Whom you can admire
From whom you can get inspire,
A teacher from you can learn
Sacrifice their own will for the sake of
         their children's dream and fun,

His hardwork and affection
Forbids their families tension
He could be rude or harsh
But he will never show his own scars
Is a hero different from other superstars,

But his love isn't understood
His behaviour toward you can be  bad or
Sometimes he would say yes to your
             opinion if you have argued ,
But he cares about you from bottom of
                              his heart
He will never let you get hurt
Will be the first to clean up your dirt

Finally God gave everyone a fine friend
Where the relation never end

The True Meaning

Thier are many meaning of life but what your meaning of life means is different from other person. So to realise it I have made a new poem hope u enjoy it.

Life is a simple word
But its meaning is complicated
Thought is the only sword
As a weapon only if you are dedicated
To be strong fly as high as a bird
Be so strong that if you fail you can
Stick to your goal as hard as a gum,
Fall in love with ur passion
You will quickly reach a station
With success of destination ,
It doesn't matter if you had too
                 many loses or wins
What matter is having experience
Think yourself as the best
Gather knowledge and build your own
As if no one can destroy or acquire it
Be confident,
As this world will think u as a unfit
Be a candle which does not need a wax
                        to get lit
Life is a simple word
You just have to find an accurate meaning

Text me

A new poem for u guys, this Poem is for the people who r far from their parents or someone they love so enjoy

My day starts with your 'Hi'
There is never a good in your good bye
You trusts me, with no 'why?'
And I tell her about me with no lie
With your text 'even the worst weather
                  makes the clear sky'
Without your text 'even the water on the
                      land makes it dry'
I am very daring, but ur text makes me shy
I don't care if u r older to me or not I will
                    always be by Ur side
I want you to be my personal guide
To tell me if I m changing or going on
                          wrong side
Without Ur text I m half dead inside
Your angry emoji makes me feel satisfied
I really don't want to stop texting you
As you in my life are very few
I don't like anything but I definitely
                        'love you'
My day starts with your 'Hi'
There is never a good in Ur good bye

The accident

Hello guys I m here with my new poem. This is related to my accident where I had a bad experience and I fought it bravely with my dear ones. Plz enjoy.

Oh god suprisingly it was my bad day
Pushed by someone while on the way
Fell into the sharp corner and lost my
                  priceless teeth
The scene was so horrible that I couldn't
                     speak or say,
The accident took my teeth along with
                  cutting of my gum
The people asked what happened but I
                    was dumb
I don't know my body doesn't feel
            anything and didn't even cry
Mam told if it would have been my head
                    I would have die,
I was busy complaining to God, why me
                    God why?
What to do and how to react
Madam asked my parents to rush to the
My mom saw me on the bed
I turned my eyes as I couldn't see her
My papa left all the unfinished office work
That time I saw my father's fear,
With eyes full of tear
Rushing me up to the school with full gear
The doctor told me that u r a hero you
                  endured a lot
But the real hero was my papa as he
         was the one who bravely fought

The Message

I finally got her number 
Talking to her brought old love to 
Once again my heart had a leakage
After recieving her first message 
Trying to impress her for good image 
But talking to her made my all sense
She is even grown up as a beautiful girl
I thought how could I match her as I am 
I was half dead and she was fully 

I told her

I feel refreshed after talking to you 
This made cloud clear and sea all blue 
Your words stick to my heart like glue
I told her everything I went through
As u in my life are really few 
I m now suffering from love cancer
My mind is Ur stage where u r the only
This piece of writing for her 

To you only

We all have someone we love and to express your Love plz read my Poem and read to your lover it will perfectly workout. Hope you enjoy it. ...