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Hello friends we all have inspiration as they teach us something and on that occasion we all are inspired by our teacher who sacrifices and many more which my poem will describe, hope you enjoy it and do share it.

Love us like a 'mother'
Are strict as a 'father'
Amazing like a 'brother'
And caring like a 'sister'
They are always behind us like a stalker
They inspire us like a hero
They help us clear our stage from level

They accelerate our future plans without
                        using any gear,
Their presence give us no fear,
Because of them some are architect,
                      doctor, engineer

They are good to us
They are teachers
God himself made them with many
For us they sacrifice their goal,

To see us walk tall,
To see us break the strongest wall,
They will never bear to see us fall,
And if we fall they will always back us,

They are teachers,
They are made of many features.

We Must

Happy Independence day guys I wish you all to have a peaceful life and secure life in this beautiful country India and do enjoy my poem and do share.

We must celebrate this day,
We must thank the leaders who showed
                 us the right way,
We must thank what they did,
We must thank as they fulfilled our need,

Their unity is what we must learn,
Their dedication is what we must acquire,
Their knowledge is what we must earn,
They were very bright and dangerous like
That can even burn the whole sun,

They sacrificed their soul for our freedom,
They never gave up and stopped all
For them the whole countries smile was
                 the source of income,
We must salute them for their sacrifice,
As they made this country a paradise,
15 August is the day,
When we could confidently say,
Happy independence day,

True warrior

Hello guys I here with my new poem on the occasion of mothers day. This poem relates my personal relationship with my mom. Hope you enjoy it hope you could cmnt on your relationship with your mom.

The true meaning of love isn't given by other,
You can achieve the true meaning of love by the affection of mother,
Kept me in her womb for more than 9 months,
Nurtured me, feeded me, and took a good care of me
And took a lot of burdens of family,

Initially she was very thin as a refill of a pen,
But suddenly got fat and I didn't even know when,
I always praised her that she is very beautiful and she is,
Even the most handsome man would fall on knees,
Never mentioned about her life ,
As it hurts her like a cut of a knife,
And ensure my secure and joyfull life ,
Her devotion towards family is hard to believe,
This devotion ensures the goal to be achieve,

How beautifully the god has made this creature,
As she has a so many features,
And a excellent teacher,
And has a very friendly and loving nature,
Even never takes rest,
So we can live at our best,
Peacefully rejects my selfish request,
And with my little achievement she gets impressed,
Has a cute cheeks like a baby,
Has a good sense of clothing and is very crazy
(Including bargaining)
But to carry her belongings she acts lazy,

She is going to be very old,
I will not tell her age as womens age is never told,
And never remains to scold,
And want to live a long life with her,
I love you mom from the deep part of my heart,
You are the one who cleans my inner dirt,
Always be around me.


Hello guys I have my exams currently so it is very difficult for me to think about a story or to write a poem so if you my friends have any idea or have thier own stories plz suggest me at my comment box. It will be grateful if u guys can give away Ur ideas as exams makes environment serious so if u have any idea  or any stories or any personal story that can be posted on my blog through poem plz comment me.
Thanks for your help guys. I hope u have a wonderful life .


Are pagli tu chor h qki tune churaya h mera dil
distract kardiya tune mujhe nahi lagta h padhne Mai mera Dil
Tere wajah se me class Mai ho Gaya ho from top to nil
Lekin tune churaya h mera dil

Me usko bola "chalegi on a date"
Wo boli "plz wait"
Mujhe pata tha ha bolegi as I took taj hotel as a bait
Wo chinta Mai dikhi phir Mai bola don't worry "plz chill"
Mujhe starting se pata tha ki dill
Churane ka effect ayega on the bill
So nhi pata khana padta h pill
Achanak se USS din Aya uska phone boli Abhi mill
I replied " thik h I will"
Boli ki break up chahiye
Agayi wo in love with Pankaj gill
Mai muskrate bola "5 rupaya Dena"
Wo boli q ye Lena
Pagli feviquick chahiye qki Tod diya h tune mera Dil
Wo boli itni jaldi recovery karliya kaisa
I told it is a skill
Wo boli pervert qki kisi aur pe agaya h tera Dil

Lovers Cry

hello guys finally meeting you all one more time after a long time, publishing a poem where i pretend to be a girl and i have crush in my college hope you enjoy it.

My first day at college and in a different place
had new opportunity and new dream to chase 
encountered a person with a cute smile on his face
because of him my heart starting pumping at an infinity  pace 
it felt like new life began, eliminating older days,
whenever he was around me it felt uncomfortable
he was a lone elctron which would make me as atom stable
he had a dream of becoming a poet and it was so adorable,
he was a kind of shy
so I introduced myself to him by telling him my name
I was embarrassed and thought its so lame
he replied "hello my name is Kiritu"
we became good friends and talked a lot everyday
and one day he asked me "hey"
he paused, I was curious about the words he would say,
he finally gathered courage and continued from where he left "hey"
"can I buy you a cup of coffee" he said,
I started laughing and said "yes",
I was always desperate of getting close to him,
but I thought my chances of getting him are very slim
I never appreciated him rather tease him
but he doesn't get the slightest idea of how I feel?
he doesn't know how difficult it was to deal,
this disease of him in my heart never heal,
couldn't even see him with any other girl
because it haunted me if he would leave me
I thought that I should make this relationship between him and mine more stong
so thought of asking out 
but then our friendship would not last long
so I was enjoying the one sided love 
and this feeling will die with me,

To you only

We all have someone we love and to express your Love plz read my Poem and read to your lover it will perfectly workout. Hope you enjoy it.

I want to love you more
I want to enter the heavens door
To know the reason you are surviving for
No one can love you like I do and I am  
                        damn sure
Don't worry about problems as I m your

I want you to teach me what you are good at
I want to teach you in what I am good at
I will still be  loving you if you get pimples 
                              or fat
As I don't love for any pleasure, I love you
              from deep part of my heart
I want to be the one cleaning your all dirt
I want you to be the person to whom I can

Old memories of you makes me feel
                          your beauty
I want to be your bodyguard on all day
I want you to be the reserved passenger
                        of my scooty
I want you to be the one whom with I can
                        share my fruity
I want you to sit with me
Under the tree
And mesmerise songs of birds and bee
I want you to be always around me
As I want to love you more


Hello friends we all have inspiration as they teach us something and on that occasion we all are inspired by our teacher who sacrifices and ...